Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Pictures just keep on coming!

No more fighting over mommy... Let's Share!

Such a cool cat!

Parker enjoyed his Sunday stroll in the Neighborhood.

Some dog... I just like the picture.

Daddy's little Buckaroo.

Stacy and Parker enjoying the nice weather.

Parker had a Cowboy Hat Easter Basket.

Giddy-Up Buckaroo!

A Scratch and a Smirk : )

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Even more Easter Pics.

Parker loves his baths.

For Halloween he wants to dress up like Mother Theresa

Ashley you can show this to your dad as proof!

Thanks for coming you guys! We enjoyed your company.

Easter Weekend (cont.)

We went to eat at the aquarium

You two are so cute!

Parker didn't like what he got for Easter!

He's so much cuter when he's asleep.

Parker is dreaming about telling Grandpa how big the deer was!

Easter Weekend Grandma and Grandpa, Jacob and Ashley came to Visit

Easter Sunday with Parker and family

Grandma kissing Parker for the first time!

Parker loved the toy Grandma Momo gave him.
But not as much as he loved Grandma Momo.

All the kiddos.