Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Easter!

Parker got a horse basket for Easter!

He did the the Easter Egg hunt but was not
sure about it.

He loved his Easter egg bath!

Bubbles and Easter eggs!

He found another egg!

I bet there is one under here too!

More and more Easter eggs!

This egg hunting thing is exhausting!

We went to look at Great Grandpa Morris'
Grave stone. Parker gave him a kiss. We miss
you Grandpa.

Parker's Birthday!

Parker opening his presents with his cousins

He loved all his gifts!

We are currently dealing with Parker pulling hair,
pinching and biting. He has to do a time out and say
sorry. He gets so angry at me but he picks on his little
cousins so we are trying to nip it now. Wish us luck!

Okay so this cake is gigantic. I have never
ordered a birthday cake before and when looking
to see what they had I told them I did not want the
round CARS cake I wanted the sheet cake
and sheet cake I got. The cake was Huge but needless
to say it did get eaten by all the family.
We went with the car cake because Parker just loves cars.
He pushes them around all day and he loves to pretend to drive
in our truck. He makes a vroom sound! He is just too cute.

Parker wanted a fork when eating his cake.
How proper huh?

Once I put him in the high chair he went to town
on the cake. "This is good stuff!"