Monday, January 12, 2009

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

I am not even going to try to justify why it has been so long. However, I have not had internet since we moved into our new house so that has made it near impossible. I have it now and I want to update before the baby comes so here it goes....

This Christmas was the best. Parker was older and enjoyed it which made it so fun for us. I kept telling him about Santa and he was very interested in him. When we looked at Christmas lights and the decorations he would say "Ho Ho Ho". He even dressed up like Santa knocking on his cousin's and Grandma's door to say, "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!"

Knock knock!

decorating the tree!

We went to the Church Christmas Party despite Trae and I both having the Flu. I felt horrible but put my best face on for Parker so he could go see Santa.

I am so glad we did. Once they announced Santa was coming he just started jumping up and down and screaming. Everyone around was laughing at him. He was so funny.

He sat on his lap and told him he wanted a choo choo and a tractor. His two favorite things in the world.

Parker also got to see Santa a second time at his Cousin Grace's Birthday Party. She had a Polar Express party and Santa came bringing a tractor pulling a train! It was so much fun. They got to drive around the block a few times singing Christmas songs. After the party Parker kept saying, "Ho Ho Ho Baa Baa Ba Baa Baa Ba Hey!" Interpretation the Baa Ba is in the tune of jingle bells and he would put the hey on the end. He had so much fun and it wasn't even Christmas yet!

It is Santa Again!

A Train!

Hi Mom!

Christmas morning Parker woke up and I asked him if he wanted to go see what Santa brought him. He was not sure what was going on but once he came out of his room and saw his stuff he was one happy kid. He walked right to the train and then saw the tractor and bolted for that. He loved his presents so much we could not interest him in opening his small gifts. The only way we got him to was to put them in his tractor bucket and he opened after he dumped them. It was a very good day!

rubbing his eyes to make sure it is real!

A choo choo!

Oh wait a Tractor!

I love it Santa!

I love my train too!

I love it all!

Parker clapped and cheered he was so happy!

We headed over to Grandma MoMo's for more
fun after we had opened everything.

Enjoying his toys before bed. What a day!

Coloring in the tub before bed! What an

Hopefully it won't take this long to update again so
this is just the end for now...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve we have a party at the Morris house.

We eat a ton read the nativity story as the kids act it out-

Three Wise Men(Parker, Wally, Brooke)

So cute!


Mary and Baby Jesus

Joseph (Dean), Mary (kallie), and
Angels(Garrett & Grace)

We do white elephant gift exchange. And then the kids open their gift of Pajamas.
Parker got a coloring book!

Opening his Christmas Eve gift from
Mom and Dad...

Trying to undress to put them on!

Loved his Spider Man PJ's

Cousins in their pajamas. By this time Parker was
throwing a fit and ready for bed. That is why he is missing
in the photo.

Parker's Famous Fit.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thanksgiving eats!

Thanksgiving- Parker also enjoyed thanksgiving this year. He ate good and chomped his pumpkin pie. He must be mine! We had a large group and we all ate at The Morris'. We had a good time and I ate until I thought I would burst. We also had to save room for Thanksgiving at my Mom's house! It was all good and it is always fun for Parker to hang out with his cousins.

Eating outside.

The kiddo table.

Yummy potatoes!

Happy Halloween

Halloween- Parker had a great Halloween. However, if you noticed the scratches on his face he was attached by Buddy (MoMo and Papas little dog). I cannot say Parker was entirely innocent he plays rough with the animals but it was very traumatic and he cried and took a nap right afterward. I was afraid he would miss out on Halloween. However, he was ready for the festivities once he woke up.

Roarrrrr! Our little Lion.

Mom and Parker. You can see my stomach-
which has now completly blown up!

Going for a ride!

Halloween dinner at MoMo's.