Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Photo Shoot


Howdy Pardners...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trip to Baton Rouge, LA


This week I went on my first road trip. My parents and I went to Louisiana. It sure was green there! Daddy said it reminded him of Forest Gump's house.

First we drove to Lake Charles and stayed in a hotel. I was pretty good but I missed my swing. Mommy said I looked like a real tourist in my hat.

This is me and mom standing at the beach of Lake Charles. There were some big kids swimming in the water... but I don't know how to swim yet.

From there we drove to Baton Rouge. We drove past a big swamp and there was a really really long bridge we had to drive over.

When we finally got there it was raining but we saw the Mississippi River. This is us driving over the bridge. The tall building in the background is the State Capitol Bldg of Louisianna.

Here is me and dad standing by the Mississippi River. Dad said it took him 29 yrs to see the Mississippi and it only took me 3 months.

I also got to see an old fashion fire truck. I am wearing my fireman hat.

beavers and ducks... BEAVERS AND DUCKS!

We took this picture for uncle Nathan.

My mom and dad had real Cajun Cookin' (Fried Catfish and Okra)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Arizona Trip

Parker enjoyed his plane ride to Arizona. He was perfect the whole time!

Parker got to hang out with all his cousins and had lots of fun at Momo's.

Parker met G.G. and his cousin Brooke who is the same age.
She has so much hair it is too adorable.

He also met aunt Katie and Mckinzey who is his same age as well.

"She is a chunky Monkey!" says Parker.

Stacy's Friends Brenda and Cathy came to meet Parker too.

A special day. Parker and Brooke's Blessing.

Thanks Grandpa for the wonderful day!

Everyone came for the special day.
Those Haller's are a cute family!

Proud Parents!

More Proud Parents!

Parker had fun at the Judd's. He got to sleep in Kaylee's room!

Parker had fun hanging out with Uncle Rob.
He thought he was so funny!

While we were out Scout got into mischief! He loves killing things.
Got himself a bird this time.

Here again we see scout getting into things. You can't leave the lid off of the litter pale for a second with this guy!

Then we have sweet innocent Mister.

Scout says it better be this cool in Thatcher!

AHHH! It was good to be home and to have my swing and bath back.
When we got home from the airport we put Parker in his bath and he laughed, and laughed. We got it on tape. He is so cute!

Well I will see you all soon!