Monday, February 23, 2009

Pregnancy and Parker

So I decided I needed some pictures of me pregnant before I deliver in two days. So Trae took some pictures of us before the big day! Isn't Parker the cutest thing? Hopefully he is this nice to her when she comes out.

I am so excited for our baby girl. Parker has been so fun! Two more days! I know it says 8 on the blog but my doctor is going out of town so she gets to come a little early! I will post her pictures soon.

Baby Shower Bow Party!

My wonderful girls had a baby shower/bow party for Me and Melissa! We are both having girls and just weeks apart. I just wanted bows so we came up with the idea to have a bow party. Those who knew how to make bows taught us who didn't. It was a lot of fun! Thanks girls

Thank you Lisa for the wonderful cakes- too cute!

Thank you everyone for coming and for the adorable gifts and bows!