Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

We Went to the Tuscon Zoo for the first time and loooooooooved it! I have been to the Phoenix Zoo a few times but I don't think it compares to the Tucson zoo! It was Parker's first time to any zoo and he loved it! Despite the fact that the zoo was closed the day we got there because they were doing a fund raiser( they gave us free passes for the next day so we ended up staying a night) It was a wonderful trip! Can't wait to do it again.

Parker feeding a Giraffe-look at his face priceless

checking out the Elephants

Look how close the Bear is!

Oh my!

Another great thing about this zoo was the little play
areas. Parker taking a break and playing around.

Ella joined in the fun!

water break!

Parker and I rode the Train around the zoo!

Can you tell how much fun he had?

What a day!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fair Day

Every October Trae gets Friday the 10th off for the Fair! I am not a huge fan of the fair I would rather go to a zoo or an amusement park. Anyway you do it for the kids. Parker had a fun time riding the rides with his Daddy. Ella liked just looking at everything!

riding the train all by himself

riding the airplane with Daddy


The slide! He looks a little nervous
in each picture but he had a good time!

A goat!

All smiles!

She is seriously the cutest little girl!
We love her to pieces.

We also celebrated Daddy's Birthday. Parker loves
to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles
he is really good at singing it for a 2 year old!
Happy Birthday Trae!

Silly boy! We love you to pieces too!

Friday, October 30, 2009



It was a sad day for us on October 28, 2009. Cozzmo has been with us since 1996 and he is seriously the best Dog ever. He got real sick for a few days and would not get up. He would not drink or eat. He would lift his head up and open his eyes to look at me but that was it. I wanted him to go in his sleep but his is a trooper and did not go in his sleep. I cried on what to do. I did not what him to be in pain or suffer. We had to put him down on the 28th. I prepared myself for the day he would pass away and I knew I would be sad but I did not know how truly hard it would be. I love his so much. 13 years is a long time! When he passed he had my, Trae, and my moms hands all petting him. He was burried under his favorite tree. We love you cozzmo. We will miss you.

Cozzmo loved his walks. He would freak out and start barking
if I picked up the leashor had the stroller. I would have to run
to and from my car and try to sneak because if he say me he
would go into his big barking fit because he wanted to go on a
walk. He took walks almost up to the end. About June this year
he was not able to go any more.

Cozzmo was so easy going he did not need a leash
I am not talking about when he was a puppy. He was
crazy! Especially if he saw a cat! Parker loved to hold the
leash on our walks and Cozzmo was so patient.
I wish I had a more recent one of parking walking

Sweet Cozzmo. He would let Parker crawl all over him
and he let Parker feed him dry dog food one piece
at a time. He was always patient and if he did not like parking
riding him like a horse he would look at me like help or just move.
Never being mean. We will miss you.

Cozzmo had two best friends. Bandit who passed
many years ago and Fred. Fred moved to Texas
This last Summer so I am not sure if it was because
Fred was gone or poor eye sight but in his last few
months he became friends with a stray cat.
If you knew him at all it is quite funny. Well in the
end Cozzmo decided he would rather hand out with Bandit.

Fourth of July

This 4th of July I went to Utah with Ella. I had family reunions on my Dad and Moms side. Trae and Parker stayed and celebrated it with his family. It was a quick trip just a few days and I thought it would be cheaper and less exhausting going with just Ella and myself. Now looking back I wish I would of just taken the whole family. Oh well we all had fun.

4th Of July In Arizona:

Parker and his cousins went to the 4th of July Parade. He loves parades!

waving to the Tractor

Enjoying his Candy

Clapping at the end

Parker and his cousins dressed up for Momo's tea party

Parker, Brooke, and Wally eating the yummy food

Swim time at Aunt Allisons

what a ride

climbing the wall with Brooke

4th of July in Utah:

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma

Everyone singing Happy Birthday!

My dad and all us kids(Andy, Shelly, Dawn,
Dad, Jennifer, Katie, and Me)

Just the kids

We thought it would be funny to hold Andy up.
We must of thought he was still our little brother!

Kissing Andy his face says it all!

The whole bunch

Grandma and the Great Grandkids

Priceless photo

All the Cousins

Uncle Glen's family

Ella and Joshua

"Oh I like you." (Joshua is not so sure)

I think I am gonna taste ya!

"Yeah I really like you!"

Fun with Fireworks (Shelly, Nathan and Evan)

It was so good to see everyone again. It had been
way too long! We are sad Alex could not make it but
we will do it again and hopefully he can come next time.

Grandma Woffinden (my moms side)
Ella and her Great Grandma W.

Ella striking a pose on Grandma W.'s foot stool
I remember this foot stool from when I was little.

This is the play house I played in all the time
growing up. We had dress up clothes in there and
we would come out and Grandma would present us as if
we were in a fashion show! So many wonderful memories!

This slide was sleep and when wet quite
dangerous but we had a lot of fun on it
every summer at Grandmas.

The old Barn behind Grandmas house.
I love it! Makes for a cute picture.

Ella's feet on Grandmas shag scale.

Grandma and the Great grandkids

we had a reunion with all my moms side.
My Mandy with her girls and me with Ella.

Megan with Jennifer and Katie

Shelly, Evan, Me and Ella (in her car seat)

I would have more pictures but I did
not bring my camera so my family helped me out.
Thank you all for taking and sharing pictures with me.
When I got back to Arizona I told Trae we have got to
visit Utah at least every other year. I missed everyone so much!