Thursday, June 3, 2010

Parker's in Preschool!

My baby started Preschool after Spring Break since he would be 3!
He was excited to go and wear his backpack! He is such a big boy!
We love you so much Parker!

Testing Day!

First Day of Preschool!

Stinking Cute isn't he?

Loves his Cookie Monster Backpack!

Parker and Brooke ready for Preschool!

Not only does Parker love Preschool, but Mommy
loves it too. It wore my little angel out!

Happy Easter!

I love Easter time! The kids woke up to a basket full of fun things and candy
hid around the house. Once they check out what they got the empty the basket
and fill it up with the candy they find!

Ella got a skirt, hats, and an Elmo bunny

Parker got shoes, coloring book and toys!

Finding the Easter eggs!

There is another one!

I want that Reese's!

Ella got the hang of it!

There is CANDY in here!

Look Mom!

Parker sharing!

Ella dressed up in her Easter outfit!

Ella loves to dress up in fluffy skirts!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

All Dressed in Green!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Parker's 3rd Birthday!

Parker turned 3 on March 9th. Where has the time gone? Parker you are such a joy to have in our family. We love you so much. You have such a spunky personality yet you are such a sweet brother and son. Parker loves to play baseball, "mommy and daddy", in the dirt, anything outside, loves singing and playing his guitar. He will perform for us it is too cute! Of course he loves playing with his cousins. He think the world will end if they are out of town for a day! He loves to wrestle with his Dad and older cousins. I stare at him and his cute freckles by his nose and think to myself how did I make such a cute kid! I love you to pieces Parker.

Parker loves bug and so we decided to have a fun BUG Birthday with his cousin Brooke there Birthday is a 2 weeks apart!

Parker and Brooke's Birthday shirts -Too cute!
The front says "Who's Cute as a Bug and Turning 3?

And the backs had their name on it. Thanks Lisa for helping
with the shirts. They turned out soooo cute!

The Decorations

A closer look at the Bug Party favors and the
bowls of toppings for the Bug Ice cream sundaes!

The Cake! Two box cakes, 6 cupcakes, tons of frosting
and Lots of LOVE!


The worm crawl! The kids loved crawling in the sleeping
bags across the room like worms.
Parker may have cheated a little :)

It's a tie! By the way can I just say how much I love my new vinyl
wood floors in our basement!

Pin the spot on the Ladybug (using Oreo cookies)!
lining up to play!

Here goes the Birthday Boy!

Good Job Brooke!

Ella loves this game. Well she loved eating the spots!

Don't I look Pretty!

The Bug hunt- Each kid got a bug kit and had
to find bugs that were scattered in the basement!

Silly Parker! Loved those Bug Glasses!

Wally checking out Parker's Bugs!

Opening Presents- a cool Puzzle!

a sword!

Precious! Paker has this favorite sesame street book
he reads every night. It is an old book and was falling
apart so I had it laminated and bound for him. When
he opened it he just hugged it! So sweet!

Cake and Sundae time!


Cousins eating their Bug sundae creations!

Looks good Huh?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ella's 1st Birthday!

Ella turned 1 on February 25th. It came so fast! She is such a doll. We enjoy her so much. She is saying "Mom" and "Dadda" all the time. She says the "P" sound for Parker and still says "All done" and barks for a dog. She will repeat alot and sings "clean up" but uses "een uh"! She loves to snuggle with her babies and loves blankets. She will ask for a "baba" when she is hungry or tired. She loves to smile and do everything her big brother does! We love you so much Ella!

We had a Red and White Birthday for Ella. I decided to do
Red and White once I bought her the adorable skirt she wore

The pom poms and signs kinda look like a smiley face- Oh well!

They yummy red and white treats!

Plates and napkins for the kids with ring pop napkin holder!

The large cupcake was so fun to make and turned out pretty cute!

Ella wants it!

Parker wanted it too!


After she opened her Presents.

Cousins having fun at the Party!

Ella playing with her best friend Emily. So cute!

Kisses from GG

Eating more cupcake!

Silly Grandma! Ella still would not dive in!

Parker wanted us to sing to him with the big cupcake.
I tried to tell him it was almost his birthday but he could not