Monday, February 8, 2010


Merry Christmas

Love, The Morris Family

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love, love, love it for all that it is. The true meaning of course and the time spent with family and giving and the cold. I actually hate cold weather but it would not be Christmas without boots and a beanie. I love it!

Christmas Eve Party:

At the Church

Parker was so excited when Santa walked into the room!

Ella, not so much.

At Momo's

Look at these adorable shirts! Allison and I decided to be creative!

Parker and Ella

Parker loves his G.G.

Santa surprised everyone and showed up at Momo's house. The kids were just giggling it was so cute!

Cousins having fun!

Opening their P.J.s

Parker got to see Santa three times this year! At the Ward Christmas Party, at Momo's and we also ate Breakfast with him. He was in heaven.

Parker Hugging Santa

Pure Torture

Christmas Day:
This Christmas was great and I was not huge and pregnant with Ella so it was quite enjoyable for me! Ella was only 10 months but she absolutely enjoyed it. Parker could hardly wait for the day. He has been asking for a big boy bike for months. I thought he would change his mind and want something else but he stuck with it. I kept thinking he is too young not even 3 to have a bike with training wheels right? Anyways it was what he wanted so Santa agreed and he got his bike.

Parker's Spot-When Parker woke up he said, "My bike!" It was great! He practiced all day. There was a lot of screaming and him telling me he wanted a small bike. I explained this is what he asked Santa for. He was mad but kept trying and he was finally able to ride it by himself (w/training wheels)! It was a great day.

Ella's Spot- Ella just loved all her toys especially her moving barking dog and babies. That girl loves to cuddle. She played with her other toys too but loves her baby!