Monday, August 4, 2008

Parker's new shirt!

We surprised everyone today with this.....

A close up

Due date: March 4, 2008!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Parker

Parker is 15 months now. He has learned and uses the signs more/eat, please, outside, and down. He says eese for please as he makes the sign. He is so fun. He tries to say what you ask him to. It does not always come out right but he usually gets the pitches or same syllable count. He loves to dance and he has learned to hum his favorite songs. He actually hums it to the beat! He has such a determined personality. He likes to do things on his own. He climbs everything and hangs on everything.

climbing onto computer chair

more climbing

hanging on swing set all by himself!
well we lifted him up but he does the

Parker loves to swing

Parker loves vacuums. He has a toy one but
the real is much better!

Parker loves cars. He is making the car noise
as he rides naked!

He loves putting on daddy and mommy's shoes. He does not like to touch the ground outside without his shoes on.

He is letting me know he needs his shoes!

He is so dramatic when he cries or wants something

He wants to go outside!

Parker loves playing with balls. Daddy taught
him to golf.

And play football!

We have been working so hard to get hair on Parker
and it is finally growing in. More so in the back. You can
see the adorable curls.

Parker is always laughing and keeping us smiling!


We just love everything about him.

Messy Moments

Parker loves to get messy! He finds mud no
matter where it is.

Getting out of the mud

No this is not cake mix. Parker found a spoon
and decided to eat mud! I know I am a good
Mom I took a picture before I took it away.

More Mud!

Dirty foot steps (too cute).

Parker is also my messy eater. He likes
to rub the food in his hair.

More messy eating

So I saved the best for last. The morning of my
Birthday Parker gave me this gift. No it is not
peanut butter and yes he had a diaper on. It
was a super nice present from him!


Parker just loves the water! He can't get
enough of it. He saw this sprinkler and ran
right to it.

Playing in the water with his cousins

More water and more cousins.

It rained and Parker wanted to play in the

It was pretty cool!

He love his bath time too. Daddy is so funny he
put a bath toy on my head!

Uncle Andy's Visit

Andy has been living in Japan for the last 2 years. He served his
mission there so once he graduated from University of Hawaii he decided
to go back there. We sure have missed him. And he sure has missed a lot being gone!
He had 4 nephews and one niece he had not seen yet.

Parker met Uncle Andy for the first time
He was not sure about him.

So I have always said I think Parker looks like Andy
Andy has blue eyes and had strawberry blond hair.
You be the judge.

Parker warmed up to Uncle Andy.
Giving him lots of kisses.

Thatcher Family Picture.
(Mackenzie, Katie, Parker Stacy,
Grandma Elaine)

We are so glad you moved to the
states (California)
where you are closer.
I sure missed you!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally Updating!

Well it has been awhile since I posted. We have been busy and Parker is just growing up so fast! He is now almost 15 months and so smart. He loves to dance, play ball, and chase his cousins. He amazes me everyday. I talk to him and he knows what I am saying. When he doesn't understand what I mean he says Huh a million times until I show him what I mean. It is so fun to watch him learn new things. I know all parents think there kid is the smartest kid in the world but I swear he is! We love you Parker!

(Parker at Grandma's laughing at Mom and Dad)

We took a trip this Spring Break back East. We visited Ashley and Jacob in Maryland and got to see New York, Philly and Washington while we were there.
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New Jersey

Parker's favorite part of the trip was New Jersey! He got to go to a Dairy Farm. He mooed the whole time-too cute!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Easter!

Parker got a horse basket for Easter!

He did the the Easter Egg hunt but was not
sure about it.

He loved his Easter egg bath!

Bubbles and Easter eggs!

He found another egg!

I bet there is one under here too!

More and more Easter eggs!

This egg hunting thing is exhausting!

We went to look at Great Grandpa Morris'
Grave stone. Parker gave him a kiss. We miss
you Grandpa.