Friday, April 2, 2010

Ella's 1st Birthday!

Ella turned 1 on February 25th. It came so fast! She is such a doll. We enjoy her so much. She is saying "Mom" and "Dadda" all the time. She says the "P" sound for Parker and still says "All done" and barks for a dog. She will repeat alot and sings "clean up" but uses "een uh"! She loves to snuggle with her babies and loves blankets. She will ask for a "baba" when she is hungry or tired. She loves to smile and do everything her big brother does! We love you so much Ella!

We had a Red and White Birthday for Ella. I decided to do
Red and White once I bought her the adorable skirt she wore

The pom poms and signs kinda look like a smiley face- Oh well!

They yummy red and white treats!

Plates and napkins for the kids with ring pop napkin holder!

The large cupcake was so fun to make and turned out pretty cute!

Ella wants it!

Parker wanted it too!


After she opened her Presents.

Cousins having fun at the Party!

Ella playing with her best friend Emily. So cute!

Kisses from GG

Eating more cupcake!

Silly Grandma! Ella still would not dive in!

Parker wanted us to sing to him with the big cupcake.
I tried to tell him it was almost his birthday but he could not


Tamie said...

what a fun party!!!!! how cute is that --- and btw: i've been wanting to buy a big cupcake mold for ages....what a fun way to do a personal birthday cake...
and i've got to tell you that is funny that you'r daughter's b-day is february 25th b/c that is my oldests (collin) birthday as well (just about 6 years before hers...)
what a great mom you are!!!!

Julia Callahan said...

That's a great post. Love the name Ella and the cute girl she is. I'm glad you have the life you have. Aren't kids the greatest? I'm behind in reading blogs and updating my own. Have a great Spring!

The Hermyzoo! said...

You are so DANG CUTE STAC, the decorations for Ella's party are adorable along with the outfit and LARGE cupcake. I LOVE IT!!!!
Great family pic of you guys on the next post!
I hope you are all doing well :)